Intro to Blast Motion


Clinic Details

The Intro to Blast Motion Clinic will help players use the Blast Motion app and Blast Connect to train and improve.  Players will learn how to navigate the app, understand their scores, and train specifically on areas in need of improvement.  The clinic will go on Saturday, January 22 and 29 from 10:30am-11:30am.  We will be conducting a more in depth clinic that will run for 4 weeks in February that will provide a more in depth understanding of Blast Motion and all the features it provides.


Cost is $50 if you already have a sensor and Blast Connect subscription.  Register using the button to the right for the Intro to Blast Motion Clinic.


Cost is $200 if you do not have a sensor and Blast Connect subscription.  These are included in the clinic price (Normal retail value for both is $210).  Players will keep the sensor and have a one year subscription to Blast Connect.  Please call the New Balance Training Facility at 603-898-0332 and ask for Joe Kinney to register if you do not have a sensor and subscription.

Dates and Times

January 22, 29


New Balance Training Center
16 Industrial Way
Salem, NH